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2021 Resolution and How to Fulfill It

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how to fulfill new year resolution

Welcome 2021! A new time to reflect. Resolution is a very common word that usually goes together with new year. But it is also important to reflect back to what resolution we set in the previous year, then learn to be better in the next year.

One of my favorite tools for reflection is the bullet journal. I wrote the flipthrough of my 2020 bullet journal in the previous post. You can go there to see what things I note in 2020. Comparing my bullet journal to what I have been writing for my resolution helps me to see what works and what does not work. Then I can make an action plan for the next year.

Reflection of My 2020 Teaching Resolution

1. Read more

In the beginning of 2020, I wanted to read more. There were 12 books I wanted to read. I finished 8 of them. This year I want to finish more books. Let's say 12 books + 4 books I couldn’t finish in 2020.

Among the books I want to read this year is Ikigai by Albert Liebermann and Hector Garcia. Have you read this book? Is it good? Do you have any more recommendations for the books I must read?

Blogging will help me to get my target. By planning to make the review of the books, I will have more discipline in reading.

Reading helps me to relax and do better in other things. Reading expands your horizon. Reading can show you different points of view at seeing a problem. Books can give you advice. I suggest you add reading more books to your 2021 resolutions, too. You will feel the benefits of reading in your career also in your life.

Reading book with a cup of coffee
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

2. Be more discipline about assessment

In the beginning of 2020, I wanted to be more disciplined about giving feedback. I really did not do good at this. I want to be more punctual at this. One speaker on a webinar I attended said, do things,”do things once but perfect.” Maybe this can help me. Once I am working on grading and giving assessment for a class, I will need to do it once, but perfectly.

3. Do more of what I love.

I am so glad that this year, I am enrolled in the Blogspedia Coaching program. Rediscovering blogging helps me rediscover what I love in my job. I love professional development programs. I love to learn. I love sharing what I learned. And I found blogging as a way to deliver that.

We are also planning to put blogging into our literacy club activity. I hope students will find their passion also through blogging.

How to Fulfill Your Resolution

Don’t let resolution be just resolution. When you are making a resolution, there must be some plan that you make and fulfill so that your target will come true. I put below several advice for you about get your resolutions

1. Chop your resolution into smaller chunks. 

Smaller enough that you can achieve and track every certain period. Can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Don’t let yourself forget about your resolution then suddenly you realise that it is already December and you did nothing!

For reading, i made a list of books I want to read. I set reading time and set the target of a minimum 7 pages daily (I usually read more than that. It is hard for me to stop reading once I begin). For feedback, I plan to directly grade them and give feedback immediately after the deadline of the assignment. For blogging, I already make a content plan as I mentioned in the previous post.

2. Use trackers. 

You can use trackers to see whether you stick to your plan or not. There are so many tracker examples on the internet, you can find the one that fits you the best. Putting your trackers in your bullet journal also helps you to reflect. If you see the blanks on your trackers, you can remember what happened that day. What made you miss your plan. And how you can do better the next day.

habit tracker
Habit Tracker (Source:

3. Find people that can support you. 

Find communities that have the same interest with you. If you want to read more, find a book club. If you like blogging, find blogging communities you can join.

4. Be forgiving. 

The resolution you made should support you to be a better person. But not let it become your burden. Be forgiving to yourself. Be flexible. There might be times when you cannot do as planned. That’s totally okay. Let’s say you planned to read 12 books, but you end up reading only 8 books. That’s fine. That’s better than reading nothing.

That is my reflection of 2020 teaching resolution and a bit of my resolution for 2021. I don’t share some of the more-private resolutions, but I wrote it already in my bullet journal so I will not forget. Feel free to share your 2021 resolution in the comment below. Or if you have more advice for fulfilling resolution, plase don’t hesitate to inspire us. See you in the next post.
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