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Joining Blogspedia Coaching Batch 1

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Today is the last day of the Blogspedia Coaching Batch 1 program. You might notice that lately I have been posting very frequently in this blog. Some of those posts are the part of the assignments for the coaching program. As for today, our assignment is to wrap up everything and write a post about the Blogspedia Coaching program.

I have been following coach Marita Ningtyas, the coach in the program, for some time before the program opened. I have always been impressed by her post. But on top of that, I am really impressed by her consistency in writing the posts and sharing it in social media. I already have some blogs at that time, but I never imagined that you can share your posts in your social media like that to reach more readers. I had always been hiding my blogs from the people I know in real life.

I first discovered the program from a Whatsapp group. Since I knew that coach Marita is the one to do the program, I was really excited to register. I asked permission from my husband immediately, because I knew the program would require me to spend some extra time writing and do some technical stuff in front of the screen. Once I got the permission, I immediately registered.

Why Blogspedia Coaching is recommended for blogging beginners

Blogspedia Coaching program is intended for the ones who have just begun blogging. In fact, one of the requirements to get into the program is that your blog shall not use the top level domain (something other than You can even start without a blog. Coach Marita will guide you from zero. No, no, from minus. So this program is perfect if you want to start blogging.

Coach Marita actually mentioned once that when she attended another coaching program as the trainee, she felt that the materials given in that training is far higher above beginner level. Someone with no or little background in blogging will feel hard to follow the pace. For this reason, in addition to using it as a form of giving back to what she learned, she initiated the Blogspedia coaching program.

The coaching is mainly held in Google Classroom and Whatsapp Group. Materials and Assignments are given in Google Classroom. While discussion is held in Whatsapp Group. The discussion is usually held in the evening. If you have never experienced using Google Classroom, coach Marita and your classmates will kindly help you. It will take only a moment before you get used to it.

Joining the program also gives you the opportunity to get into your very first blogging community. The community who begin blogging with you, and growing with you. Did I mention the importance of joining a community?

Another reason why this program is a good choice for beginner bloggers is because it is free. Yes, who would not want something free. More than that, when you are just trying out blogging. You don’t know whether blogging is your passion or not. You don’t know whether a blog can earn you something financially or not. Joining this program is a big chance for you.

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What I learned from Blogspedia Coaching Batch 1

Blogspedia coaching is not only covering the technical part of being a blogger, but more than that, coach Marita started out by instructing us to ask ourselves ,”Why blogging?” This is what I mentioned in the previous post by how I rediscovered blogging through this program. This gives you a strong base to begin. Blogging is not always sweet dreams, sometimes it can turn into a nightmare. You should have your strong stand to keep yourself consistent in this field.

The program also focused on your content quality and quantity. You might have an awesome-looking blog, but if you fail to maintain it by regularly posting contents, your blog will be left as ‘a house full of spider webs’. You are also trained to write different types of content, such as making reviews of food places, travel blogs, biographies, book reviews, event reviews, etc.

You will also be trained on how to change your domain into top level domain, also to change your theme using a custom template.

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How to pass in Blogspedia Coaching

I don’t know whether coach Marita will open the second batch soon or not. I hope she will because I really feel benefits from joining the program. I believe my batch-mate also feels the same way.

If you are interested in registering for the second batch, don’t miss the announcement from the Blogspedia blog, and coach marita’s social media. I will also inform you about it, if Allah permits, but I am not sure whether I can be fast enough to post about it for you. The seat might already be filled up very quickly.

The program is free, but please keep in mind that it will require your high discipline. Coach Marita set a high standar about the time. You should always hand in your work before the deadline. If you miss it, even for 1 minute, you will be kicked out from the class without having a chance to say farewell to your classmates.

You might have difficulties along the program. Most common difficulties are lacking of ideas to exceed the minimum word count of 800, or lacking a proper time and condition to write in high focus. Some of my busiest classmates proved, however, with good time management and tricks here and there, you can still keep up with the deadlines. Many of my classmates are mothers with little babies and children. If they can manage, why can’t you?

Photo by Tsvetoslav Hristov on Unsplash

I am also lucky that my batch-mates are always reminding us about deadlines, And helping us if we face any technical difficulties. If you get into the next batch, I hope you also get nice classmates.

At last, if you want to start blogging, you might want to consider joining the Blogspedia coaching program. There are many benefits from attending such a program. But don’t forget, after you finish the program, apply the knowledge that you got, and share it to others so they can benefit from it. See you in the next post.
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