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About Nia


My name is Nia M. Wardani. You can call me Nia. My middle name is quite difficult to pronounce and to spell, so let's just leave it that way. :)

I am a physics teacher in a bilingual high school in Semarang, Indonesia. I’ve been teaching physics with English as a medium of instruction to students who use English as a second or third language since 2013.

In this personal blog, I share stories about my experience in teaching, my passion in physics and books, projects I do, and also life moments I witnessed.

A Logbook of Life Discoveries

This blog is a logbook of my life. It is a note of what life lessons I learned from my glasses. You know when scientists do research, a log book is one most important thing they need to keep to record all of their discoveries. My life is full of discoveries. Many good things I found are too good to be forgotten. So, why don’t I record it in a logbook?

Scientists record every step they took, every improvement of their project, and every failure, in a logbook, in order to move forward each day. I hope this blog can also be a place for me to reflect, and help me to become a better person each day.

Teaching Experience

  • Physics teacher (2013 - today)
    • 7+ years experience teaching physics with English as medium of instruction
    • 3+ years experience in Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint Science, IGCSE Physics, AS/A Level Physics
    • 4+ years experience in technology integrated classrooms
  • Astronomy & Physics Olympiad Squad Advisor
  • Students Science Project Advisor
    • Honorable Mention in International Environmental Science Project Olympiad with “Eco-friendly Magnetic Board”
    • Silver Medal in Indonesian Science Project Olympiad with “Eco-friendly Magnetic Board”
    • Gold Medal in Indonesian Science Project Olympiad with “Anti Volcanic Ash - Antibacterial Mask”
  • Contributor in “Kisah-Kisah Inspiratif Guru Semesta” book, a collection of stories about teaching
  • Contributor in “Interactive Notebook Grade 11 Physics”
  • Student Literacy Club Advisor (2018 - today)

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              Behind the Logo, Header, and Template Choice

              Blog logo nmwardani
              Blog Logo

              The logo I choose for this blog consists of an open logbook with eyeglasses on it. The logo represents honesty, trustworthiness. I want the blog to be open for everyone reading the knowledge and the experience that I got. Eye glasses represent my point of view of seeing things.
              Blog header nmwardani
              Blog Header

              I also choose a simple header in this blog to emphasize my messages I mentioned above. Major color of the blog is white representing simplicity, the black text color means outrightness. These two colors also, according to blog experts, increase readability of the articles. 

              By choosing these colors, I hope you enjoy your reading experience in this blog.

              'A Logbook of Life Discoveries' is a collection of what I experienced as a human being.
              I hope the posts will be useful for whoever read it.  




              1. Simple yet very calming. I do enjoy my reading experience on your blog!

              2. I always enjoy reading your posts and I am impress with your writing skill using english :).
                I agree with you mbaa, log book is one of most important thing to keep records the experiments. I studied chemistry and I remembered that logbook is one of the item I had to bring on my bag and also the lab coat!

              3. Halo partner :)
                Btw, aku salfok sama pengalaman kerjanya, hehehe

                Buku catatan menyimpan banyak makna kehidupan didalamnya, setuju.
                Terus semangat buat ngeblognya ya mba :)

              4. Halo Mba Nia, salam kenal, aku Santi dari Semarang juga nih Mba. Wah bisa nih sedikit-sedikit belajar Bahasa Inggris dengan baca-baca artikel Mba Nia

              5. Mbak Nia, guru sekolah Semesta. Pantesan eh keren banget.


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