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A Peek to My 2019-2020 Bullet Journal

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Hi, everyone!
As I wrote previously, I will share a peek from my 2019-2020 bullet journal.

If you never heard about bullet journal, bullet journal is a popular method of organizing your life created by Ryder Carrol. His motivation in creating the system is because many people get overwhelm with the rushing of information in digital world. People get stress and feeling lost in life. Bullet journal provide a space for mind to remanage and rethink about what it knows. Many people are satisfied with this method, including me. If you are interested in the method, you can simply search on Google, or visit the web or read the book Ryder Carrol wrote himself: 'The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future'.

The format of the journal is quite flexible. It depends on your needs. I have changed my format from time to time.

The 2019-2020 format, I think, work best for me. Unlike other people who usually start their journal in the beginning of the year, I prefer starting my journal in the beginning of the academic year. It is more convenient for me as a teacher. Also there are many adjustment I arrange, so my bullet journal can look very much different than any other bullet journal. Anyway, I feel pleased with it. Here we go, a peek to my 2019-2020 bullet journal:

1. Class Schedule
I put class schedule in the inner side of the front cover so that I can quickly see my weekly class schedule and rush to the room. In our school, the class schedule changes several times in a year. Once the administrator give me a new print of the schedule, I would just stick it on top of the old one with colorful washi tape. Oh, yes, I am a fan of washi tapes!

Class schedule (left page) and Greeting (right page)

2. Greeting My Self
Talking to your self is a method of self-healing. Teaching can be a very rough journey, so it is just okay to say hi to your self. The greeting on my bullet journal says, "May you be safe," is a greeting and a prayer at the same time

3. Personal Info
Writing personal information on the first pages is essential. Losing a bullet journal is not a good experience, because you will write everything in the book. Also, I put emergency number, in case of anything bad happen to me without anyone knows me.

4. Index
Index is like the list of content of the journal. I would update the index once in a while, but I rarely need to use it because I use washi tape (!) to tag certain important pages.

5. One Full Academic Year Calendar
Yes, I write everything either work or personal in my bullet journal, but I can say that I spend most of the time thinking about school even at home. So I arrange everything according to the academic calendar. You see, how can a teacher be so busy!

Academic Calendar

6. Monthly Spread
This monthly spread is important for me for managing everything, including visit to my parents. I didn't have weekly spread this year, because I feel it not effective (last year I used weekly spread). You see, it is up to your needs for arranging the bullet journal format.

Monthly Spread

7. Daily Notes
What's different with my daily notes is that I noticed I have so many to-do lists. So to save up space, I divided to page into two. This way, I can save one bullet journal for one academic year.

Daily Notes

8. Special pages
In this journal I add several special pages. These pages include:
- Long Term Goals
- Prayers List
- Medical Records
- Debt Tracker
- Bookstore Cashflow (yes, I have a little bookshop,, and
- Special Notes (stories, quotes, greeting cards, etc).

In the next post, I am going share the story behind some special pages.

So, are you interested in making bullet journal? Or do you have one? Share your thoughts about bullet journal in the comment below.
Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I discover interesting things in life and I love to share them with all people around the world.

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