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Preparing for Book Festival

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It's already the end of February before you realized it.
This month we are quite busy with everything at school and at home that I decided to leave this blog for a moment.

We are expecting a very big event in our school in around two weeks.
It will be school's anniversary. We will be holding many competition and charity programs on March 15th. Almost all students will be the committee for a program. We invites students and teachers from other schools in the province, alumnae, parents, and also people living around the school.
Activities varies between blood donation to math and science competition. There will be also Cheap Market for people-in-need, doctors coming for free health check for everyone, face-painting competition, singing and writing competitions, and many more.
This year, as a part of our school's Literacy Club Literosta, I will take part in the Book Festival.
Last year, we held a seminar about parenting by reading stories for children. We also had Reading Corner where people can come and read books from our library for free. But it turned out that we had very few audience coming to the seminar, and few visitors at the Reading Corner as well. So this year, we changed the strategy.
We moved the reading spot to the center of the campus so that everyone who come will directly see our location. This decision has weakness tough, it will be harder to check books read or borrow because there will be no specific reading area. But we will see how it goes. Hopefully we can managed everything.
This year, seminar will be held separately with the whole event. We are expecting the beginning of the next school year so every students can benefit from the seminar. We will invite authors and speaker from one of the biggest publisher in the country.
With all ten girls in our club, most are juniors, our book festival might not be the center of attention in the overall  programs. We would just to show that we care and encourage reading to everyone.
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