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Here are My 2020 Teaching Resolutions

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Welcome 2020!

Time flies so fast, I didn't expect you to be coming this soon, to be honest. Teaching freezes the time. You will always see children of the same age, but you never realize that you are getting older and older. But then alumnae coming back to school for reunions, some with husband/wife, some with babies. Suddenly you become a grandma. :)

Well, year changes. Fireworks colored the night sky. New calendars are put on the walls and working tables. People ages, but do they become better? Wiser? Healthier? Or they just waste the time without they are realizing that 2021 is coming closer?

My little sister was just born nine months ago, yet now she begins to walk. Am I still the same person nine months ago? It means I am in a loss. Am I still the same person one year ago? Am I in total loss?

Goats, as they are born, they can walk. Fish as they hatched, they can swim. But humans are born to learn new things, to become better and better. Me, too, I should be better.

There are lists of things people wants to achieve called resolution. In the beginning of a year, people usually write one. Well, you better not wait for a new year to start a good thing. If you have something you want to achieve, write it today, and start pursuing it, today!

Here I share some of mine. I hope some can be your inspiration, but even more important, I want to share it so one day someone, or my future self, would remind me that I have such goal to reach.

1. Read more
Last year, I didn't have a record about how many books I have read but honestly I feel that I read a little. This year I want to read more. There 12 books I would like to finish this read, other than all compulsory reading texts for teachers in our school. I started reading some in December but I didn't finish them all. Among books that I want to read this year is Grit by Angela Duckworth and Mindset by Carol Dweck, two books recommended by my ex-student.

2. Be more discipline about assessment

To be punctual about grading is my challenge last year. I managed to finished everything in the end, but it was absolutely not a nice experience I want to repeat this year. This year, I will chop the quizzes into smaller parts and use technology to help me more with grading. I hope if I can be more discipline to my self about grading, I can spend more time giving feedback for students.

3. Do more what I love
Teaching is not an easy task, let alone educating. I once ask my husband who is also a teacher, "I started teaching without any background in education. Yes we can learn everything we wanted without taking a degree program in a university, but there are a lot of things I need to learn. Where should I start?"
"Start from the heart," he replied.
I want to love my profession more. I want to do more of what I love.

That is the three things I want to do this year. Let's see in the end of year, what would I say about my 2020 resolution. What is your 2020 resolution? Feel free to share with us.
Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I discovers interesting things in life and I love to share them with all people around the world.

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