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Playing BINGO! for Review Questions

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Who does not know BINGO! It is an interesting games for young and adult, as simple as making a line consists of 5 cells B-I-N-G-O horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. It becomes more interesting that I bring the game into my classroom. It is turn for grade 9 boys reviewing what they know about transformers.
Students compete in pairs. Because there are 18 students in the class, so I pair the students according to their attendance number. One pairs' attendance number should add up to 19.
Every person should make his own BINGO cards consists of 5 x 5 cells. Each cells should be filled with random numbers from 1 to 25.
Each pair will have to do scissors-rock-paper and the winner be person A, the one loss be person B.
Questions for review will be shown on board (with a projector). I didn't have much time preparing for the questions, so I use the questions from I really recommend this site for studying past paper of Cambridge Exams. Because we are studying Transformers, so I would login to the site, choose Topical Past Paper, choose IGCSE Cambridge, Physics, and the topic is Magnets and Current.
Each person in the pair will take turn to answer the question shown. 
For example the first turn is person A. So all As will answer the question on a paper and show it to person B. They are only allowed to show it to person B in the pair, not anyone else, and they may not mention it verbally.
After 1 minute pass, I will show them the answer on the screen. If A's answer is correct, he will choose a number from his BINGO card to cross out. B will also cross the same number in his BINGO card. If A's answer is wrong, they will leave their cards remain intact. Then next, person B will take turn to answer the question.
The students were really excited about winning the game. And I personally think this is a good game to play, especially for grade 7 - 9 students. I think to play it also with another classes.
What games do you usually do for reviews? Share your experience. Comment below.

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