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Learning from Loses : How to Win Blog Competition

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How to Win Blog Competition

Losing a competition is not the end of everything. Imagine, among hundreds or thousands of people joining a competition, only very few are selected to be the winners. Losing a competition does not mean that the skills exhibited by the loser are inadequate. There can be hundreds of very skillful participants, but unfortunately there are only very few winning prizes available. The juries must select only the best according to the given criteria.

In the blogging world itself, blog competitions are frequently used by companies to popularise or introduce their products. Yes we already know that companies can pay specific bloggers, or influencers in general, to make sponsored reviews of their products. They also make ads. But blog competitions, I think, are different from reviews and ads.

Blog Competitions vs Reviews

From several blog competitions I joined, most of them are talking about a product, service, or brand. The names of the product, the service or the brand does not appear immediately in the theme given, for most of the time. It is usually something related to a general issue, their target market experience. For this issue, the company will propose a solution.

For example, one competition I joined put a theme on how to increase productivity in a company. Another competition I joined brought forward the issue on how parents should build strong character in their children. Neither of them mention their product in the big theme, but it is obvious that by the end of the post, the bloggers should be discussing their product as a solution.

While in reviews, you might directly introduce the product to the audience, in blog competition, participants should write deeper on the underlying issue according to the theme given before discussing the product.

The odd is, when discussing the product, participants should also mention details about the product. I have observed many winning entries, they would discuss all the product features in very much detail as if it is a review.

Is Joining Competition A Waste of Time?

Many people argue about whether joining a blog competition is a waste of time. You did the research. You wrote the article. You made the infographic. You published your work and shared it on social media. You spend resources like energy, electricity, and time. Everything for the prize you cannot guarantee you would get.

Many people argue, why would you give free publication for the companies? The probability of you spending resources while not earning a single dime is greater than winning the prize.

Well, I think it depends on your goals in joining the competition. It depends on whether you have more important work to do or more promising job to complete. Or whether you have the resources.

I have lost many blog competitions. But I don’t think it is a waste of time. Since I am a newbie in this blogging world, I need much practice in producing high quality articles.

Blogging competition for me is like learning how to satisfy my future client with my content writing service. I also learned new words, new technology, new services. I absorb new information. I learned how to make good infographics to complement my writings. I learned which keywords work together with specific keywords. I learned what is currently in trend around a subject.

When I publish a blog post for a blog competition, I write not only for the jury, but also for my readers whoever they are. There might be business owners among them. By publishing, I showcase my skills to them. Even if my entry did not win, there might be a chance they are going to be my future client.

Let’s think forward. We don’t know what might happen in the future. Do the best you can do. I believe God will always give you the best decision in the future.

What I Have Learned from Losing Many Blog Competitions

Yes, I have lost many, but I am not planning to not win any. 🙂

From the competitions I joined, I tried to check on the winning entries, so that I could learn from them. The following is a summary from what I have learned from losing the competitions.

I might update the list if I have learned something new in the future in case I don’t win again. So stay tuned in my Instagram for updates.

1. Make it personal

A blog is different from the news media. When it comes to blogs, personal views of the blogger are expected. You are expected to also include a real personal experience with the issue given. If you have used the product, tell the readers your experience from using the product.

For this reason, storytelling skill is important.

In a story, there is character. This character can be yourself or another person who has an experience with the theme or the product. The character can even be a non person. For example, a cat for a cat product.

There is also plot, setting, and conflict in a story. Each of them must be related to the problem discussed.

Make it reliable. Don’t try to make up a character or a plot. It doesn’t work, I am telling you. It is not fiction. Retell a REAL experience. Keep it honest. Maintain your trust with your reader.

2. Be careful with details

You have written your post passionately. You have told a long story. But you forget to check on the requirement details. Even if your story moved the heart of the readers, you will not be included in the list of nominees.

Always check the details of the competition. What are the minimum or maximum words? What keywords should be present in your blog post? How many pictures are expected? Which backlinks and anchor text should you provide? Do the links work correctly? Have you attached the product banner in the post as it requires? In which social media should you post them? Which hashtag should you use?

Always double check everything before you submit your work. Don’t let your hard work perish.

3. Do Thorough Research

Jihan Mawaddah, a renowned blogger that wins many blogging competitions, in one sharing session held by Blogspedia, emphasized the importance of doing thorough research when writing for blogging competitions. Find relevant references and choose the right concept. 

4. Learn from Winning Entries

There is so much you can learn from the winning entries.

If the competition is annual, browse the winning post from previous years. Before writing your own post, you can note down positive aspects you get from the winning entries. Match them with the winning criteria. You can take inspiration from them.

If you don’t win, learn from the winners. You might be sad, but you should move forward. Most winners don’t win in their first attempt. They tried, tried, and tried. You have your chances to try, too. It is easy to find the winning blog post. Sometimes, the competition committee even announces the winning url. Learn from them. Win next time.

I hope this summary of lessons I learned when I lost blog competitions will help you. Stay optimistic for the next blog competition. May God help you win.
Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I discovers interesting things in life and I love to share them with all people around the world.

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