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Comparing Blogger Stat and Google Analytics

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Blogger Stat and Google Analytics logo above world map

Blogspedia Coaching Batch 1 is already over, but learning to blog does not stop there. In fact, Coach Marita gave us two additional materials that will be helpful for us to take our blog to the advanced level. The two materials are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. What is Google Analytics and why do we use it instead of just Blogger Stat? Dig down below to see the answer.

You might have been blogging a while. You may now have some features of the blogger dashboard to do simple blogging. But you can take this to the next level: Getting to know your audience.

Well, yes, you can simply use Stat in the dashboard, but Google Analytics can show you more detailed results. Let me show you with the following illustration from my Stat and Google Analytics result.

Blogger Stat and Google Analytics time interval difference
Time interval difference

I used the 'last 24 hours' interval for the Stat, and 'yesterday' for Google Analytics, because my Google Analytics is only 4 days old by the time this article is written. So obviously, I cannot compare the last 7 days let alone the last 30 days. You may notice that there is discrepancies between the numbers between the two because Blogger Stat and Google Analytics have different tracking system. But that is not our concern right now, since I will only show what you can get differently from using Google Analytics.

Menu difference in Blogger Stat and Google Analytics
Menu difference

Features of Google Analytics

Even it is obvious from the first page that appear in front of you, how Google Analytics can be way more powerful than the Blogger Stat. Well, if you know how to use it. Yes, it is my concern right now, how I will be studying these numerous amount of data for my purposes.

In Blogger Stat, you will directly be shown the statistics for the latest post, overall views for your blog, The list posts viewed ranked from the most frequently viewed to the least, and the view number of pages. So, mainly about the number of views with each view of homepage, post, and page will be counted differently.

Meanwhile, in Analytics Home, you will see the summary of all aspects, such as the number of users (aka visitors), and how many new users view your blog, what is the average time the users stay in the blog, where does the users come from, etc. You can even make a custom insight with parameters you choose yourself. That is amazing!

Time Interval

It will be very useful how you can compare the performance of your blog from time to time. Not only for you making a good strategy, but also you might be required to give a report of performance of a certain time duration, once you are opening further collaboration projects for companies. Here, the time interval matters.

In Blogger Stat you can only choose Now, Last 24 Hours, Last 7 days, last 30 days, last 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and all time. If you want to see your statistics let’s say 3 days ago, then you need to read the graph.

In Analytics, you can choose any time interval.

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Acquisition shows the number of users that visit your website. While in Blogger Stat you can only see how many views you got for each post or all the time, in Google Analytics you can see in Acquisition, how many users visit your blog, and even count how many are new users and how many are not. You can see also whether they come from a referral or directly visit your website.


In Engagement, you can see how much time visitors spend in your blog. You can also detect here, how many clicks and whether your visitor scroll your page down. These features are not available for Blogger Stat. So if you are only using Blogger Stat you will not know whether your visitor actually enjoy your posts or not.


This feature reminded me on how water retention determine the quality of the garden soil. If the retention is too low, your soil will be going dry too fast. If there are too much water retention, your plant roots will be soaked in water for too long and will be rotten easily.
Well, I don't think there is such thing as too much retention for blogging. The more your visitors return to your blog, it will be good. It means that they enjoy your blog. The more they stay in your blog for the longer, it will be better.


Yes, you can see how many visitors coming from which country in Blogger Stat. But in Google Analytics, you can get more detailed information such as the city of your visitors, genders, age, language, and even their interests. Looks like magic, huh! Yes, Man, the internet is taking data of our behavior.


While in Blogger Stat you can view browsers and operating system used by the visitors, Google Analytics even show you the screen resolution and device model used by your visitor. You can use this data to increase user experience in your website. And I can even use it to detect that my husband has actually not visited my blog this week! Just kidding.

Okay, those are some features of Google Analytics. Comparing with Blogger Stat, you can see the many advantage you can get to improve the performance of your blog, as long as you know how to use the data. I am also still learning about it. I will share my findings to you in the next posts. See you!
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