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Blogging Challenge - Day 3 : A Plate of Mango and Personalized Learning

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Welcome to Day 3! It's only Day 3, and I was about to give up, if not for a plate of ripe mango.

Having organic mangoes each season is a luxury, don't you think so? My late grandfather planted some mango trees in front of our house when I was a child. We would just leave it alone, watered by the rain. It grows naturally without fertilizer. Even after my wedding when my father decided to cut down the branches to let more space for guests, it still grows and bear lots of fruits.

Mangoes from my hometown always taste better than mangoes grown in where I live now. No, it is not that I love my hometown, but everyone agree that it tastes better. It must have something to do with the soil. In my hometown the soil is rather chalky and dry at the surface. We face less rain than in my current town. Not all plants can grow well in the area. In the other hand, the soil here in where I live now is very fertile. Everything can grows well. My parents even surprised that I can grow shallots here. Every plants will give you fruit, but the taste is different.

You know when I am thinking about this again, this is very similar to the condition I face everyday at school. It is as if every students are given the same soil to absorb nutrients from. Even if the soil is very fertile, not all students will give sweet fruits, even if the one with the least match to the soil give fruits. And actually many people already understand about this issue.

My husband and I just had a discussion about this. He said that this is the time for technology in the classroom. But we will never know what will happen in the future, what type of school or education system that we will look up to. But for me, the future is getting clear. It's not just about technology. Technology is just a tool. Looking back at how school sent back students to their parents during this outbreak, yes technology helps, but it is not enough. As parents refuse to send their kids back to school because of this pandemic, more people are looking for more personalized learning. Where parents can be the facilitator of learning. And students goes directly to primary sources of learning which is now within reach of everybody. Maybe we will be going back to the fitrah (pure origin) of education. As parents becomes the one fully responsible to their kids' education.

So, where is the position of schools now?

I don't know. Maybe as the guidance for parents? Or only as certifying company? Or worse, will it vanish?

I don't know. We will see together in the near future.

Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I discovers interesting things in life and I love to share them with all people around the world.

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