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Blogging Challenge - Day 4 : Blogging in Black Out

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 Hi! Today's blog is really challenging. A very quick rain with strong wind passed our house just as the sun set. I could see the cloud rolled like sheep's wool and moved fast above our heads. I knew something is coming. Then the electricity is off.

Sudden darkness.

You know, humans so much get use to the convenience given by electricity. Lamps, Phones, Cooker... We are surrounded by all the electronic appliances to help us do our work, or make us comfortable. When suddenly electricity is off, all activity is delayed. I clicked 'Later' to all goal notification from my Google Calendar in my phone.. except 'Blogging'. I still feel that I need to complete my 40 Days Challenge. I postponed my reading session. I was planning to cook some fried rice or make some pancake for dinner, but cooking without light is not at all fun. My husband was already asleep after coming from work, anyway, so I filled my stomach with rice and peanut sauce, all readily served without cooking.

Then I took this Chromebook to my lap.

Well, we really get accustomed to electricity, that we forget in old days people lives without electricity and they are still having fun. As the sun set, light a candle, and when it lasts they would just go to sleep. They used fire for cooking, and having candle light dinner everyday!

Yes, of course they don't have this urgency to expose themselves to public, making themselves standout, or being chased by their bosses for reports. But this makes their mental state healthier.

You must have heard, too, how people worldwide in big cities are changing their lifestyles. Minimalism. Urban Farming or Homestead. Tiny House Movement. Slow Living. People are going to more traditional approaches of lifestyles. People want to connect more to nature, to themselves. People search for what's missing in their busy city lives. People would come back to their nature, their fitrah: 

Living simply to worship God, being the khalifah (successor) on Earth.

That's how they would stop making destruction on Earth, giving mercy for all living and non-living things on Earth.

The electricity has now returned to our house. See, the storm will always pass. Tonight's black out has given me revelation to think about God. It's never a coincidence.

See you the next post!

Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I discovers interesting things in life and I love to share them with all people around the world.

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