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Blogging Challenge - Day 2 : Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon Grass, and 49 Days Journal Challenge

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 It's Day Two! Yes, I am making this as a challenge for myself. One post a day won't hurt, right. 

I am actually inspired by my sister in doing this. She's been an active blogger since she was in high school (or middle school?), but she would usually keep all this a secret for herself. I'm not quite sure when she started to blog openly, but now it looks very much more serious, even making Instagram post about each blog post like social media influencers out there. She would have different kind of posts in her blog: translated lyrics of Japanese songs, reviews of dramas/movies, poets she made herself, reviews of books, etc. They were not really appealing to me, until one day she make 49 Days Journal Challenge for herself. It blows my mind.

i have never enjoyed her posts like this one. It feels addictive that I kept waiting for an inbox for the post notification. I can't wait to read what's happening on the next day. It is as if I can reconnect with her via each of her posts. I don't know whether it still feels like that if you are a stranger to my sister, but I am sure if you know her, reading her posts is very enjoyable.

Sadly, she ended her post on the 49th day. She posted again sometimes, but honestly I missed her daily journal posts. She still make frequent other posts in her blog, but it is either have less personal touch, or I know that this good post does not have a follow up. It will just end there. 

But she made a good point that it should stop at day 49 because it is called 49 Days Challenge. It gives both feeling of sadness and anxiety to readers, like you know when you watch a drama and you know that the series will end at episode 20. :)

I don't know how long I will stand to write daily posts like her. I will try at least 40 days. Then maybe I can have another 40 days. Then another 40 days :))


So, what about this turmeric, ginger, and lemon grass?

It's just a drink I am having everyday while I am writing these posts.

Grab them fresh from my garden before sunset. Clean and cut them to pieces. Put them on boiling water and wait until it change color and smell. Drink them after a nice shower while writing a blog post. So, which of favors of God would I deny?

About why I am drinking such interesting 'potion', maybe I will share it to you in the next post.

See you tomorrow, insyaAllah.

Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I am a former teacher with ten years of teaching experience. I left formal teaching and found my peace through private tutoring, blogging, and gardening. My mission is to help other teachers improve their lives. Let's get in touch through my Instagram @nmwardani

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