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There is something missing in many books: adab

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The technology has made our life much more easier. Information spread so fast in today's world. It will be easy today to be someone popular. It is also very easy to speak out your mind or expose your product to the world citizen. Everyone can easily learn something new via the internet. Rapid changes happens in all areas of life and the same is true for the world of books.
For a bookworm like me, I observe that it is not something difficult to find book. Not only going to a bookshop but today you find easily digital books, you can access wattpad, and if you want the printed ones, we can just order it from online stores, and the book will just arrived in front of your door. In today's world, everyone can be an author. You can choose to do self publishing, or you can be popular in the virtual world and get your writing talent discovered by editors.
Yes, there are abundant books with various topics you can pick. But, there is something missing in many books. It is adab.
Adab. Is it word sound strange for you? What is adab?
Adab is a set of norm we have, a set of morale regulation. It is like saying thank you when someone help you. It is like not entering someone's house without permission. It is like the way we dress to show our respect when we meet someone. Or it can be as simple as smile when you meet someone you know. But, if you break it, you will be seen as disrespectful to others.
Adab is essential in all stage in all momet of our life. That's why it is very important to "induce" adab to our children. Why did I say "induce"? Because adab cannot be taught, cannot be told, cannot be ordered, cannot be herited. The only way for our children to learn adab is to "induce" in their every part of life so that it will becomes their habit. We should practice it ourselves first, giving them good examples, then they will follow.
Unfortunately, even if we already do our best to keep our children and "induce" them adab, the outside world is very noisy. Once we step out the door or we enter the virtual world, all the good and bad things disturb our mind. We need filter out anything bad and keep only the good things. Most of the time, this is so tricky. Something you perceive as good may not actually good at all.
For example, books. I just encountered a book, a science comic for children, with colorful pages. The drawings are amazing. The science content is even more amazing, especially because I love science. But to my surprize, the story in which the content is delivered, has a big lack in adab. For example it doesn't show a good example for how to talk with the elderly people. Or in one part, the character purposely fart in public. Some people may see it funny. Maybe in some community, the thing is just common. But I would personally never give such book to my kids. Why would someone write something inappropriate if you can write the propriate ones?
In all, I suggest today's readers to be careful with what they read or what book they give to their children. Because feeding your mind with bad readings, may influence your personality.
Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I discover interesting things in life and I love to share them with all people around the world.

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