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Our History in Water Rocket Competition

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It all started from Summer 2015.
We received a brochure about water rocket competition in our region. We had zero experience in making water rocket. But we sent two students to join the competition. Luckily, in the first day of the competition, the committee gave a short training about water rocket making. So the students could learn from them. We ended having the rockets fly away from the track. But, yes, we had fun.

In Summer 2016, again we got a call from the commitee for the regional water rocket competition. We managed to send more students. And we made the rocket only based on previous year students' memory. Well, I know now I cannot depend on a-year-away memory of a student. And I asked help from my husband (I was newly married then) to teach me making water rocket. The rocket looked good. But we discovered that the fins were too big and heavy. Also we didn't use exactly the same specification as regulated by the commitee so sadly only a few students could launch the rocket without breaking. We went back school feeling very sad, and I had to apologize to students for not guiding them well.

2017, we took a big leap. Remember that in the previous year it is only me with the students trying to figure out what the water rocket is. In 2017, I got help from my husband and two teachers. One teacher care for the students. One teacher helping my husband and I for the launchings. We managed to have one day training with the commitee just one week before the actual competition and we tried the arena. The trainer gave some tips and tricks that we can apply. Thanks to Allah, we got 10th place in the regional selection and went to national.

In 2018, we took another step forward. One of the teachers could build a launcher from old pipes. It was not very efficient since the water drips a lot and the pump used was bike hand-pump so it needed much of human energy to make it work, but it was quite helpful. We launched more than 10 rockets in school's back yard and make simulation of the competition. All physics teachers helped. We sent 10 students to the regional competition, one of them placed the runner up and go to national, but she didn't make it to Asia Pasific.

Anyway, things get better and better and we got more funding each year.

In 2019, we will also join the competition with 12 students. Hopefully at least one of them can go further to Asia Pasific. I want my students to see the world, not only by merely asking their parents, but by showing their achievement and inspiring others to achieve.

A winner is not determined by how many times he win, but by how many times he can stand up again after he fails

Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I discover interesting things in life and I love to share them with all people around the world.

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