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Happy (Belated) National Bloggers Day 2022! This is the third Bloggers Day that I celebrated. Back in 2020, I was attending Blogspedia Coaching Bat…

If you are struggling ...

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This post is intended for myself, at the time of high pressure.

Dear me,

You have done your best, you know it. No need for other people to acknowledge your effort. No need. Allah will grant you better things than people's appreciation, ahead, not now, just be patient.

Problems will always come up, only because you are still living in the world. This is your arena of war. But don't worry, they will end one day. Remember it and put your smile on.

You are not urge to find solution of your problem. Allah doesn't ask that. Allah order us to be patient and pray. Just follow the path. Similar to solving physics problem, the principles are all known. Just follow them down the equation, you will see the solution in the end.

If you made mistake, don't worry, everyone make mistakes because you are 'insan'. You are human so you make mistakes. It is more important to learn from mistakes than to regret it.

It is okay to relax a bit. Pray and read Quran. Release the tension on your neck. Eat healthy fruits. Take a nice warm bath.

Don't you ever worry because Allah has prepare the bests for you.
Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I am a physics teacher and I love to learn anything in the universe.

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