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Flexible Career Opportunities for Retired Teachers

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A teacher holding pen and paper in front of whiteboard with text flexible career opportunities for retired teachers

Either you are retired teacher or choosing to resign from teaching in schools, your income does not have to end here. With today's technology, you can still earn money from anywhere anytime. You can also choose how much hour you want to work. You can take a break as much as you needed.

I compile this list, initially for myself since I need a very flexible job. Teaching at school has very structured timetable. When you need a leave, you need to find substitute teacher or make extra worksheet for students. For me, it is a hassle. especially if I need frequent leave.

I hope this list will also help someone. Maybe a retired teacher who need frequent break. Or a resigned teacher who is sick or has family member who has extra attention. Or simply anyone who loves teaching but simply does not want to get involved in the rigid structure of formal schools.

Here is a list on career opportunities you can pursue as a former teacher
1. Blogging
2. Making Online Course
3. Teaching Private Tutoring Session
4. Creating Books
5. Selling Worksheets
6. Creating YouTube Videos
7. Creating Topical Infographics
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