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3 Years into Blogging

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3 years into blogging

Happy (Belated) National Bloggers Day 2022!

This is the third Bloggers Day that I celebrated. Back in 2020, I was attending Blogspedia Coaching Batch 1 when I learned that 27th of October is celebrated as the National Bloggers Day. We were obliged to join the Growthing Blogging Coaching Webinar Marathon and learn from blogging experts.

The webinar itself is life-changing for me. We learned about how to increase pageviews for our blog, how to use social media to promote our blog, and different techniques to take nice pictures using simply our phones. 

It was the day I realised that there are numerous bloggers out there, blogging professionally. It was the day I realised that one can make a living by writing in their blogs. It was the day I understood blogging is more complex than just writing one’s heart out. It was the day I decided that being a blogger is a cool job and I want to learn this professionally.

Even so, my blogging journey wasn’t as smooth as I wished it to be. I recalled quitting several times, but I managed to come back. I thought I need to reduce my activities to reduce my stress level. I thought, if I choose work on top of blogging, I would be doing better at work.

It cannot be further from the truth. Blogging makes me happier and feeling satisfied as if I achieve something each time I publish a post. Blogging energised me.

On this Bloggers Day, I would like to (again) revive my blog. The blogger in me is STILL ALIVE!

My blogging coach, Mbak Marita, once told us, if you cannot be consistent with your blog, it means that your BIG WHY is not BIG enough. When you realise your virtual home is already ‘cobwebbed’, you need to go back again to your Big Why.

Your big why is not big enough

My Blogging Big Why

The world is changing, so am I. I see the urgency to review my big-why, and revise it accordingly. Back when I started blogging, I was looking for an identity. I was looking for a saviour from the mood swings. I am in my thirties now, priorities change.

1. Blogging can help me to be independent

I want to be financially free by 40 years old. When the time comes, I want to have the freedom to choose when and where to work. I want to be more available for my family. I want the freedom to choose not to work when I want to focus on my worship, for example during Ramadan. I want to be able to visit my friends at any time I want. I want to take classes. I want to be able to accompany my husband or my sisters whenever I am needed.

Blogger is one of the professions that can provide freedom to manage one’s time. You can choose when to write, where to write. Even when your parents asked you to stay by their side, you can still make a living without being away from them.

2. My Blog is My Legacy

Nobody knows when death will arrive. Neither do I. But surely, I am getting older and older. Memories can fade. Ideas will be forgotten.

I want to record my life as much as possible. This blog is going to be my legacy. The proof that I existed. You will not see my face, but you will read my ideas. That’s why I choose blogspot based blog. Well, nothing can last forever, not even Google. but at least this blog will last longer than my budget to buy a hosting plan.

Fourth Year Into Blogging Resolution

1. Write Everyday

There are lots of things I would like to write about. My life time is limited. My resolution is to be disciplined with my content plans. Soooo.. Let’s write everyday, Nia!

2. Listen to Blogging Podcasts

Since the pandemic started, I started to listen to Spotify. I have just discovered that they also provide podcasts about blogging. I listened to two episodes today and I feel motivated to learn more. Rather than spending my time on something not useful, I think it is better for me to listen to podcasts like this. Podcasts can also be listened to while I am doing something else.It is a good alternative for learning if you don’t have much free time.

3. Take Blogging Classes

I want to learn more on how to reach more people world wide. Taking blogging classes not only gives me more knowledge, but also forces me to practise it. Knowledge without practice will not have any impact, isn’t it? Do you have any recommended classes I can take?

Next year, on October 27th 2022, I will look back to this post, if God permits. I will see how I improved in blogging. I will see at least 48 new posts and a greater audience. I will see that the blogger in me is still alive, if God permits.

Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I discover interesting things in life and I love to share them with all people around the world.

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