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Celebrating My First Indonesian National Bloggers Day

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Happy Indonesian National Bloggers Day! For blogging newbies like me or you who are more expert in this field. As a newcomer, this is my first year of celebrating the National Bloggers Day. Even though this Covid pandemic has restricted so many public activities including bloggers gatherings, there are still several online programs that bloggers can join to celebrate and also to increase their skills in blogging. In this post, I am going to tell you the story of my first National Bloggers Day.

Since starting the blog coaching program offered by Blogspedia, I began to know deeper about blogging and bloggers. It was surprising for me that in fact there is one day announced as National Bloggers Day (Hari Blogger Nasional) in Indonesia. Well yes, we have teachers day, mothers day, but, wow, we also have National Bloggers Day here in Indonesia. It is something that not many people know, unless they are familiar with the blogging world. (Well, we don’t even really celebrate Father's Day, let alone blogging day.)

History of Indonesian National Bloggers Day

In Indonesia, National Bloggers Day is set on October 27, 2007, by the Minister of Communication and Informatics at that time. The minister, Muhammad Nur, attended the 2007 Blogger Party which gather many blogger from all around the country. During the speech, the minister announced that October 27th be set as National Bloggers Day. According to several resources, being one of them, these gatherings keep being held every year, but they change the name to be OnOffID (which also I never heard of).

Other Bloggers Days

In this third week of Blogspedia Coaching program, the coach, Mbak Marita Ningtyas gave us a week of holiday from regular Whatsapp class. Instead, she asked us to join a program called Webinar Marathon Coaching Growthing and gave us 4 posting tasks, one of them is to write about National Bloggers Day.

Because this is the first time that I heard about the National Bloggers Day, I found difficulties in writing about the topic. I searched in google for several articles about it and in fact, I also found other people also celebrating the International Bloggers Day on June 14th, Bloggers Day on August 5th, and World’s Blogger Day on August 31st. However, it looks like these days are somehow declared unofficially. Many events are also usually being held during the celebrations, but this year people seem to focus more on their health and postponing non-vital activities like gatherings to next year.

National Blogger Day as a moment to learn

Although this year, in Indonesia also we have several limitations due to pandemics, there are even more online events being held, including this blogging coaching program that I joined. During the week of National Blogger Day, I have many opportunities to learn more about blogging. As Coach Marita gave a full free week, she also gave us 4 posting tasks. One of the tasks is to post an article about the National Bloggers Day, while the other three tasks is to post an article about the content of another program called Webinar Marathon Coaching Growthing.

Attending Webinar Marathon Coaching Growthing on Bloggers Day

Webinar Marathon Coaching Growthing is a series of webinars about blogging. The first day is about increasing page views of blogs, the second day is about social media and photography, and the final day is a free talk about blogging. You can read those three resumes in the next posts.

Well, to be honest, materials explained in the Webinar Marathon Coaching Growthing are too advanced for me to really understand. However there is another thing in this program that I gained: getting to know the community of bloggers in Indonesia. There are some experts that I get to know, for example, Irwin Andriyanto, Ilham Sadli, and Punto Wicaksono. What I am planning later on, I will follow those people and learn more from them and other more professional bloggers.

Learning from Other Blogger on Bloggers Day

While I was searching about National Bloggers Day, I came across an article about it from another blogger Hendra WS. He wrote about an event during 2018 National Bloggers Day. I started to explore his blog, though home, profile, and many articles. He is one of the senior bloggers in Indonesia. Several points that I learned from his articles about blogging:
  • Blogging is very useful to hold the knowledge you get from seminars, workshops, etc.
  • We must post frequently to get to the top 10 search in Google because Google likes frequently updated blogs
  • Age of blog matters, because it also determine the value of website in eye of Google or other internet entities.
I overall see his blog as an example of a blog I can learn to develop a professional personal blog.

That is my first year of National Bloggers Day celebration. Although it is maybe not a typical celebration bloggers have in a typical year, I am quite satisfied with what I experienced this year. Hopefully I can still see more celebrations years ahead and gain more knowledge in blogging. What about your National Bloggers Day? Or do you know other Bloggers Day in other countries? Feel free to tell yours in the comment form below.
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  1. This year is my first celebration of National Bloggers Day too. It's so memorable and mindfullness moment. I have written my writing experience from elementary school untill now. Hopefully you can visit to my personal blog and read it with joy!


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