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Joining My First Teacher Competition

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Don't let your competitiveness go away when you become a teacher! If you are now feeling you are in a safe zone, get yourself out to the zone and try something new!

This week, I joined my first ever teacher competition. It was something very new to me.

The prize was quite fantastic for the city level. FIrst winner will get 7.5 million rupiah (around 500 USD), second winner will get 6,5 million rupiah (around 450 USD), and the thirs winner will get 5.5 million rupiah (around 380 USD).

We were first asked to collect our portfolio, including lots lots of writing a best practice, collecting certificates, etc. Not much time were given. That's why I say that curating our teaching career documents are so important. You can read about what to collect in a teacher portfolio in my next post.

Then, on Monday (28/3) we were gathered in a hall, to take a written test. There were 10 free response questions, mostly case study. Then we were interviewed by the juries, mostly related to our competence and personality.

The next day, Tuesday (29/3) we were asked to make a presentation of our best practice or classroom action research.

Update to the competition:

Announcement of the winners are published mid April. Unfortunately I didn't win the competition. But I feel very lucky to get the opportunity to learn from the more experienced teachers. 

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