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TIME+ThA : Implementing CLIL in the Lessons

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In this post, I will share a lesson structure that you can use to implement CLIL in your lessons. A colleague share this method called TIME+ThA.
TIME+ThA is an abbreviation.
T - Teach Academic Vocabulary
I - Integrated Past and Present
M - MIx and Mingle
E - Everybody Respond
Th - Thinking
A - Assessment

Let's break down each part one by one

Teach Academic Vocabulary
Teaching vocabulary is very important for CLIL. Not only the terms that are specific to the subjects, but also it is important to teach the instruction language (command language)
Teaching vocabulary can be done in different ways. You can use glossary, matching picture games, guessing a word from picture, etc.

Integrated Past and Present
At this stage, we connect students prior knowledge to new knowledge that we are going to teach them. Make students recall what they know about the prior knowledge. You can ask directly, asking reflective questions, or my favorite one is use KWL charts and answering question prompts.

Mix and Mingle
There is so many benefit of having students do group work. It can enhance their communication skills, improving their confidence, build learning environment in the class, and so on. Set students to work in group. There are several grouping strategies that you can use, for example NHT, Jigsaw, TGT , and many more.

Everybody Respond
In this stage, students show what they know from the activity. giving them question, quiz, time to ask, doing something practical, demonstration, etc. everybody must get involve in the lesson

In this stage, students are given time for them selves individualy. Each student work on their own. You can set them doing practice questions, do reflective paper, etc.

How do you know that the goal you set are achieve by everyone in your class? This is time to give them assessment. Different types of assessments you can make, either written or oral, multiple choice or open ended, assessment by process or product. Decide carefully which type of assessment that covers your objectives.
Nia M Wardani
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