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At Home Lesson Ideas - 0 : Introduction

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Covid has been a hard hit for the education sector. Students and teachers are forced to conduct their teaching and learning from home. This is not only hard for students, but also for teachers and parents as well. 

I observed some teachers are struggling to give the learning experience they wanted to give to students, students are bored to be in front of the camera all the time, and parents don't know what to do to help their children learn. 

This series is written for teachers and also parents in the hope of helping them to make more hands-on at home lessons. 

This series is not only intended to help teachers find lesson ideas that students can do at home, but also to help parents design activities either in homeschooling environments or just making additional fun activities for their kids to support their learning. 

These lesson ideas and activities are designed to be event based. They revolve around a phenomenon in real life. I suggest you browse from the Search button, Site map, or categories to find the activity that matches your needs. 

Or if you prefer not to miss any post of this series, you can follow the linear track, starting from the introduction (which is this page) and move on to post number 1, 2, and soon.

I will try to add more and more ideas to this series, and also update the posts with new ideas. Feel free to comment on each post, suggest ideas of your own to add to the post, and make requests of certain phenomena or topics that you would like to see in this series.

All in all, please enjoy the series.

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