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If ..., then ... : Games for Reviewing Definitions, Formulas, and Units

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Last week, I posted an article about a book by Tere Liye, Eliana.
The stories in the book moved me so much, that I applied what I read about Pak Bin, Eliana's elementary school teacher.
Pak Bin was a very dutiful teacher. He taught all six grades in elementary school where Eliana was studying, being the only teacher at school. His life was so simple, he dedicated it to education of all people in the village.
The one story that inspired me about Pak Bin is when he taught the names of capitals of countries around the world. The students were already asked to memorized the names of the capital previously and in the next day, they played games.
The games went on like this: Pak Bin pointed a person and asked,
"If the capital of Italy is Rome, then the capital of United Kingdom is ...."
Then the students pointed by Pak Bin would answer ,
"If the capital of United Kingdom is London, then the capital of Cambodia is ... ,"while pointing someone else.

Inspired by this story, I tried this games for my class. We have finished the topic Forces, Density, and Pressure that day. I draw a mindmap covering the whole chapter in one board. Then I gave students direction for the game. Using the rule in this game, we have short review about definition, formulas, and units. I began with pointing one student and said,
"If the unit of force is newton, then the unit of mass is ...."
Then the student will answer,
"kilogram. If the unit of mass is kilogram, then the definition of pressure is...," while pointing one other student.
We continued the game until everybody got to answer a question.

Overall the game run quite fun. Students sometimes needed to look again to their notebook or the mindmap. Sometimes they remembered the letters in the  formula, but they had difficulties in mentioning the name of the physical quantities in the formula. This is a very good game to do a review.
Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I am a former teacher with ten years of teaching experience. I left formal teaching and found my peace through private tutoring, blogging, and gardening. My mission is to help other teachers improve their lives. Let's get in touch through my Instagram @nmwardani

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