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About Choice and Caring

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I was stucked. My brain refused to give me idea.
Tomorrow I have to face grade 11s and I haven't prepare anything. The main cause is that I didn't spend more time in planning. The topic is actually easy to explain, but I don't have charms to make students pay me attention, so forget about lecturing. I need to prepare something to attract their curiosity.
Yes, it is now 10 p.m. and I am still facing my computer screen looking for inspirations. And I came across this video.

Spend little of your time to watch this video. I found it quite inspiring.

This video emphasize on giving students CHOICE in learning and not to forget CARING them. So in addition to the 4C's we already know (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking) the speaker speaks about the importance of the other two Cs. Choice and Caring.

After I watch the video, I think I knew what I need to do. I only need to give options for students. I have several activities they can choose under the topic. They can choose any of them. So when they already occupied with the activity, I can focus on helping and caring them.

Using Google Classroom, my organization is made easier. I would just post the activities under the same topic, and students can choose any of the task, starting from practicing with past paper questions (we are doing A Level Physics), discussion about Why Wear Seatbelts (taken from IOP's Spark and doing mini project about World Energy Problem.

Hope tomorrow's lesson be joyful for everyone.

Range of Activities I just posted

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