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Tidying Up Before Leaving The Job

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getting Ready for Resignation

Leaving the job, either on your own will or on your boss's will, would always be an emotional event. However emotional it is, one thing you must not forget is to tidy up you stuff before you leave the workplace.

This year is my first time resigning from my job as a teacher. Although this is my first experience, I would like to share how you can prepare for leaving the job without leaving my table messy for the person who would come to replace me.

Why You Need to Tidy Up

1. Don't be a burden

Nobody likes being left. Nobody likes being inherited a messy workspace, even more. Don’t be a burden for the other employee. When people come to replace you, they want to work as soon as possible. Messy workplace will prevent them from learning the new responsibilities quickly. Leave your desk tidy and your replacement will be grateful for you.

2. Make a good impression

When you leave your table tidy, you also leave a good impression on the people around you. When you leave, you want to be remembered for your good interaction with your coworkers, right?
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