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D-59: Handling In Resignation Letter

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Writing Resignation Letter

I handed in my resignation letter today. Within 59 days, if I assume the academic year will begin on the 1st of July, I will be officially taking care of my own schedule.

How do I feel about it? Happy. No, I actually feel really excited. My hands turned cold, and I can't keep my self from moving too much and smiling to everyone.

Once I receive the notification of the handling, I run to the teachers lounge. I found my Science Project Supervisor and Lab Coordinator sitting together in the couch. I approached them immediately. The Lab Coordinator suddenly moved away thinking that I have a serious business to talk to my Science Project Supervisor.

"I handed in my resignation letter today," I said. 
"What? Why?" she said, surprised by what she heard. I told her about the reason.
She immediately hugged me. " I am so happy for you. I hope God will grant you His blessings. No wonder your eyes look so shining."*

Oh, yes, i am that happy.

59 days should equal to around two months. School days, however, are short. Many days will not be included in the effective days, due to national holidays, exams, and semester holidays. Lesson will ends within two weeks. Then one exam week will follow. Then holidays started. Basically, I will only have two effective weeks.

... And a lot of things to finish.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) in our school, we don't have the habit of succession or transition. Anybody can be appointed to a new role in the beginning of the academic year. So what I can do best is to finish anything that I can finish, then prepare a set of documents to whoever will be appointed to replace me. 

The tricky part is that we are working with humanbeing. Most of the time, it is hard to describe it in a document. I was thinking, what about making it a video? Is it too exagerrated? Should I normalized to my self, just leaving my replacement to figure out him/herself? But I have been there, and it did not feel right.

Anyway, let's just do what I can do. Tidying up everything, it is time to KonMari.

Do you have any suggestion what to do to prepare resignation? Or maybe you want to replace my positions? (Just contact my school if you want to know any vacancy) Feel free to comment down below. 

* This conversation did not go exactly like this. I did adjustment to keep it short and reader friendly
Nia M Wardani
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