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Welcoming Busy September: 5 Ways to Preparing for a Busy Month

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Welcoming September

September will arrived in few hours. I don't know about you, but this year's September is giving me a strange feeling in the gut. 

School work will be so packed during this time of the year. In addition to that, I will be attending a teacher training program called PPG. If you are a teacher in Indonesia, you might already know what I will be facing in the program. 

During PPG, I need to finish 10 modules with each of the assignments. There will also be online lectures and group discussions. I am not sure how frequent the meetings will be. If you know about this, please tell me by writing in the comment. According to the other teachers who were enrolled in this type of program, however, the classes and assignments are usually so intense.

Some of my colleagues were lucky enough to have another teacher replace their classes at school during this program, so that they can focused on attending the PPG classes. But because I am attending the online version of PPG, I don't know whether I am going to get the luxury. The worst possibility is that I am going to have two laptops doing two meetings at the same time. One is for me attending the PPG classes. The other is for me teaching my own regular classes.

Well, people say multitasking can reduce your IQ, but if the situation is as such, there is no other way than multitasking.

At the same time, our school will be distributing report card this September. Which means that I need to prepare students for exams, grade all their works, make remedial and extra lessons for the ones who need them, and inputting all scores and each descriptions for the report card, also addressing any issues about them.

And it looks like there is no holiday shown on the September calendar.

Sometimes, I wish that God can extend the day to maybe 48 hours per day. Which is impossible. Haha..

But let's just do what we can do. Moaning will not solve my problems nor finish my duties. We can just prepare, find solution, and be patient to what is coming.

1. Healthy Nutrition
All the jobs will not be done well if you are lacked of nutrition. Low nutrition food will not be enough for your brain to work hard, or for your eyes doing prolonged online meetings. It is important to get enough fruits and vegetables, together with protein source and healthy fat. O yeah, and carbo, of course. I hope by making my diet more balanced, I can have enough power for the day.

2. Sleep
Having a lot of work is not a reason to stay up late at night. You body needs the break. Get some sleep when I feel sleepy, and wake up early. Make quality sleep, so I can have enough rest for a shorter time. 

3. Notify Family
When you are working from home, it is important to also notify your family that you are currently having a huge work load. Notify them in advance. Prepare what they need before they asked you and ruin your mood. Hahaha.. Especially ask them for consideration for not having unnecessary family events, or long dine out for the moment.

4. Delegate as much as you can
Whenever possible, delegate the smaller task to somebody or some service provider. So, you can spend more time on more important and urgent things.

5. Worship more
Yeah, this might sounds like a contradiction, but my husband and other religious people that I met said that, if you feel your time is not enough, worship more. Because we need to remember who actually govern the time. It is God, only. So we can ask God, to make out time more blessed. So that we can do more jobs, getting more result, at the same time interval. Pray more, read Quran more, give more charity, and smile more.

September shall pass, eventually. And all the responsibilities will then be changed to another responsibilities in October.

Wish you all great September.
Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I discovers interesting things in life and I love to share them with all people around the world.

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