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Self Optimization - A Strong Why

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A Strong Why to Self Optimized

Life in this world is short. Time is limited. Sources are limited. Our energy is limited. Yet, there are so many things going on in our lives, so many roles we have, so many responsibilities. For me, as a teacher, a life-long learner, a women, a wife, a God-servant, a daughter, and a part of society, things get overwhelming sometimes and I cannot maintain something people usually call the work-life balance. Sometimes I cannot even differentiate between them.

It is not that I post things about education in this blog that I am an expert about it. Absolutely, NOT. What I do is I want to keep my mind straight by writing. Trying to give beneficial content for readers out there (if any). I am still learning myself.

Being a teacher is tough.

Unlike most jobs, our work as a teacher needs punctuality in a measure of second. When the lunch bell rings, and you haven't finished your lesson, it is impossible for you to get students' attention back. They would run to the cafetaria even before you could say see you. I usually set my wrist watch to match exactly when the bell rings (is it exaggerated?) so I know when I am expecting the bell and I can say goodbye to students (and give them homework).

Also most people think that if we teach like 4 hours a-day, then we would have like 4 hours of free time a day. So, teachers must have much free time. Hello, I am a teacher, I work approximately 4 hours a-day in the classrooms, 2 hours a-day in students clubs, face-to-face discussion with students, another 4 hours a-day checking students papers, preparing teaching materials, doing lessonplans, and all other administration stuff, and I can add another hour if needed during Deadlines Days. It is not uncommon that we bring the tasks home (although we usually bring them back to school in the next morning barely touched the previous night)

The worst part is even if you don't want to do the task, you must do the task, because the students are relying on you.

And giving up teaching is not an option. Especially for me. So I must endure and do the best I can, while trying to develop my self, and most importantly, to do what I love to do.

But to do it all takes a  lot of time, source, and energy.

Meanwhile I have only 24 hours a-day, limited source, limited energy. So I need to well manage all my time, resources, and energy to get everything done with good result. This is what I call:

Self Optimization

It is a way to optimize everything you have to get the best possible result. It includes 5 parts:
1. Priority Management
2. Time Management
3. Energy Management
4. Emotional Management
5. Community Improvement
With a lot of things going on, I should first know my priorities, then set them on 'time cage's. Because my energy is also limited, I need to manage also in which time my energy is the best for doing specific task. Emotional management would keep me strong the entire day with different problems coming up. In the end, the result of Self Optimization should be able, not only help myself, but also to add value to the people around me, to my community, to the entire world.
Nia M Wardani
Hi! Call me Nia. I discover interesting things in life and I love to share them with all people around the world.

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