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Mie Ayam Matahari Gunungpati Food Stall
Mie Ayam Matahari

What can be more satisfying to your hungry stomach than the chewy mie ayam right after you leave the office in the evening? Well, it might be personal. I love mie ayam, I think all of the food stalls that serve mie ayam are serving the delicious one.

Mie ayam

If you are not familiar with mie ayam, let me describe it to you. Mie ayam is a type of noodle dish. You can find mie ayam places almost in every place in Java (I am not sure about other islands in Indonesia, I have never been to a lot of places). ‘Mie’ means noodle. ‘Ayam’ means chicken. So you can imagine a noodle dish that has chicken on top of it. Mie ayam typically includes well seasoned chopped chicken, some soup with chicken broth, and chopped green onion. But there are so many variations in different places, including using mushrooms and different seasonings.

mie ayam in one bowl
Mie Ayam

There are several places around the place I am living that serve mie ayam. The most popular and crowded one is Mie Ayam Pak Zam Sakjose. But I rarely go there because it is usually so crowded, sometimes you will find no seat. Most of the time, the place is already closed because all servings are sold out.

The other one place that I often visit is Mie Ayam Matahari. It is a good alternative, if you want a quite good mie ayam, but you don’t want a place that is overcrowded. My husband and I usually go to the place after work. You know, when you are going home hungry, and you are not a quick cook, so let’s just buy a bowl, it won’t hurt. 😄


Mie Ayam Matahari is located in the main road of Gunungpati area. Well, it might not be popular, but locals know the place. :) You can find the location from the Google Map with keyword Mie Ayam Matahari Gunungpati.

If you come from the city center of Semarang, and you want to use public transportation to come to Mie Ayam Matahari, i would suggest you to take BRT to Terminal Gunungpati. From the terminal it is only about four minutes walk back to the main road. You can actually see the place, once you leave the terminal gate.

It provides a very wide parking lot next to the place and behind it. If you drive there with a car, there will be plenty of space for your car just at the back. The place is quite open. You can still keep an eye to your vehicle parking there while you are enjoying your food. There is one toilet just next to the parking lot, enough if you have some emergency .😁


Sitting area at Mie Ayam Matahari
Sitting Area

The places provide two options of sitting. There is one area you can sit on a long wooden chair. And there is another one area you can sit on the floor. I would usually prefer sitting on the floor, getting some stretch for my legs after standing up for a long time teaching, or sitting on my office chair for a very long time. But that area is usually occupied (everyone wants that area), so I would go to the normal sitting area.

While I am deciding which table I should pick, my husband would be ordering the foods and drinks in the cashier booth. The serving time is quite fast. They would first bring you the drinks, then the food after several minutes.


Other than common mie ayam, the place also offers bakso (meatball) and mie ayam goreng (fried mie ayam). So fried mie ayam is a new star here. They would stir fry the normal mie ayam with more seasoning and more spicy sauces, and serve it without the soup. They would ask you, do you want not spicy, medium spicy, or very spicy? Let me tell you, the “not spicy” is spicy. I know my stomach cannot stand spiciness, but it is very temptingly delicious.

Fried chicken noodle
Fried Mie Ayam

For both mie ayam and mie ayam goreng, they will ask you, do you want extra meatballs? Say yes. The meatball is tender. It tastes very well matched with mie ayam goreng.

Like other mie ayam places, Mie Ayam Matahari does not have so many variations on the menu. You can see in the picture below. The menu is not given in a card, but you can see it directly in huge letters on the wall so everyone can see.


The price is also very much affordable. Last time I went there, I ordered one mie ayam with meatball, one mie ayam goreng with meatball, one hot lime drink, and one hot tea. They only cost 34.000 rupiahs. And both my husband and I went home feeling very full.


What I really like about the place is that it is very clean compared to other mie ayam places around here. The staff take really good care of the tables, immediately after the guests leave (Yes, when you finish your meal, you can just leave your bowls there, the staff will pick them immediately). Trash bins are available next to every table and tissue papers are always available on the table. So if you mess something, you can immediately pick a tissue paper, wide it clean and drop it on the bin. The staff also take good care of the bins, and make sure there is no mess on the floor. This makes me very much comfortable with the place.

Mie Ayam Matahari also serves takeaways and delivery. When I was eating there, there was a boy ordering takeaway for his family. The cashier man patiently served the boy, making sure there was no order missing. If you want to request for delivery, you can chat or call the phone number: 08562764658.

That’s what I can tell you about one mie ayam place i frequently visit. If you ask me how much score I would give for Mie Ayam Matahari, I would say 8 out of 10 for food, 9 out of 10 for service. Let’s see how much you would give if you visit Mie Ayam Matahari. See you in the next post.
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